JumpIN Hub – Association for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a non-profit organization established in 2019, in Portugal.

This Association aims to promote an innovation and development ecosystem, supporting entrepreneurship, promoting research, the development and implementation of innovation-inducing practices within the scope of business, public and 3rd Sector organizations, in a local, regional, national context and international.

The JumpIN Hub’s main objective is to promote, in a sustainable way, innovation and entrepreneurship as promoters of development in the social and business areas, through integrated education and supported by non-formal education methodologies, for young people (NEET) and adults, covering 3 main areas:

  • Socio-cultural education
  • Education for personal development
  • Professional qualification

In order to achieve the mentioned objectives, JumpIN Hub is dedicated to:

  1. Support the entrepreneurial / business activity and the respective organizational and functional skills, within the scope of innovation, development and cooperation, establishing an effective network between local, national and transnational agents;
  2. Support the execution of projects, programs and initiatives of a local, regional, national and international nature, namely in the following areas: local development, social economy, education, entrepreneurship, qualification and professional training and research;
  3. Promote the local and regional valorization and its potential to leverage business / entrepreneurial initiatives;
  4. Contribute to the development of entrepreneurship and culture based on the initiative through the promotion of cooperation between organizations and the training of entrepreneurial agents;
  5. Foster the promotion of citizenship, equal opportunities, cooperation for the development of networking, entrepreneurship and employment, education and social and economic inclusion.

JumpIN Hub is a recent Association, created in 2019, with a team of staff with diverse specializations (Social Education, Business Management, Marketing & Communication), which complement each other in order to develop focused activities promoting Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

As an Association we adopt a divergent and complementary focus:

  • policies focused on the community & people, so that they can develop personal & life skills to the fullest through active participation, practical learning – “learning by doing”, & the establishment of commitments between the agents of the community.
  • policies focused on companies & entrepreneurial ideas, promoting initiative & proactivity, supporting the development of innovative ideas & projects, promoting the training of entrepreneurial agents & cooperation between organizations/companies.

Following this, the Association offers various services & promotes activities in the areas of professional training & development of personal skills through formal and non-formal methodologies, in the areas of entrepreneurship & innovation, digital skills & communication, through workshops, seminars & other learning-promoting activities.

Our activities are mainly focused on:

  • Entrepreneurship: support & promote the strategic vision leading to the entrepreneurial spirit.
  • SMEs: Start-up assistance & commercial guidance to increase the viability & potential of SMEs
  • Education for sustainable development: providing advice on how to make business activities environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.
  • Education & Training: Development of training courses, workshops & seminars adapted to the educational & learning needs of individuals.
  • Employment & social inclusion: Provide guidance & advice for successful inclusion in the labor market.
  • E-learning: Learning using ICTs, promoting the development of digital skills.
  • Youth: Facilitate the inclusion of young people, especially young people who are recently unemployed and looking for their first job/career development.
  • Adult Education: Facilitate the re-inclusion of adults in the labor market, especially long-term unemployed through job search strategies or adopting entrepreneurial strategies.

JumpIN Hub has the collaboration of a team of staff with different specializations that complement each other. More than an Association, we are a competent & experienced team that supports the transformation of innovative ideas into viable, successful & sustainable business projects.


Diana Gonçalves

Graduated in Social Education and worked as a Project Coordinator and Youth Worker in a Youth Association in the last 6 years. During this most recent experience, she was responsible for the development & implementation of activities focused on young people, at the local level, for the coordination & implementation of European projects, under Europe for Citizens Program & the Erasmus + Program, such as: Youth Exchanges, Training Courses and Seminars; Adult Education Projects: Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education & in Vocational Training; Strategic Partnerships for Schools; Capacity Buildings in the Youth field; She’s a Trainer at VET School CINDOR, in pedagogical modules such as: profile and potential of the entrepreneur; entrepreneurial skills / personal development and job search techniques; assertive communication & job search techniques; Her professional experience in the area of Youth, Education & Training, as well as her personal and professional skills, had an enormous relevance and weight in the foundation of JumpIN Hub, and definition of its scope of action. In addition, her expertise in project coordination and management will be a great asset for the internal evaluation of this project.

Catarina Moreira

She has been working at the TV entertainment business on FOX Networks Group for the past 10 years. She has worked several years in Public Relations & developed a profound knowledge of the media industry & a close relationship with some key-journalists. She has skills & expertise in content development for sites, social networks, development of social network strategies, community management and social media plans. She’s a Team Work person, encouraging others to share their ideas and projects, & she was one of the founders of JumpIN Hub.

Rita Onofre

Graduated in Product Design by the School of Arts and Design of Matosinhos, she also attended training courses in Marketing, Photography and English. In 2015 she started his professional career as a freelancer at the communication agency N2 Design & Communication. Since January 2019 she works as a designer and illustrator. In parallel with his professional activity, she collaborates on a voluntary basis with JumpIN HUB, being responsible for the area of Marketing, Photography, Design & development of dissemination material for the Association

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